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Congressman Greg Gianforte assaulted a member of the free press and then lied to law enforcement to save his own skin. He has a shaky relationship with the truth. But his lies about Kathleen Williams are particularly extreme.

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BROKEN RECORD: Gianforte keeps screaming “Pelosi!”

CLAIM:Kathleen will "stand with" Nancy Pelosi
FACT:Kathleen won't support Nancy Pelosi for Leader

Over and over again, Congressman Gianforte runs ads tying Kathleen to Nancy Pelosi. This is a tactic right out of the cynical Washington playbook, so it’s not surprising that the Congressman is using it; he has no real issues or record of accomplishment to run on.

On July 18th, Kathleen announced she would not be supporting Nancy Pelosi for leader.

Endorsing Kathleen over Gianforte, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle called her “the moderate Montana needs.”

Congressman Gianforte can pretend to ignore this as long as he wants, but the truth won’t change. It is telling how little he respects the intelligence of Montana voters.

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Gianforte’s Lying on Guns

CLAIM:Kathleen Williams will take guns away from law-abiding citizens
FACT:Kathleen is a gun owner, hunter, and defender of the Second Amendment

“Kathleen Williams has never said she’d take away people’s right to defend themselves. She’s a hunter herself, long-time hunter. (…) she’s never said she would take away people’s right to hunt (…) [it’s] certainly not true that Williams wants to take people’s gun rights away.”

That’s Montana Public Radio commenting on Congressman Gianforte’s latest ad, a smear attack straight out of the DC playbook.

Independent analysts say they “don’t think that some of the facts are quite right.”

Here’s the truth:

  • Kathleen’s a proud gun owner and sportswoman. She supports the Second Amendment. And she has the support of Montana sportsmen including the Montana Sportsmen Alliance.
  • We need to keep our children safe from gun massacres. Children deserve to feel safe at school and parents deserve to know their children will be safe at school.
  • Congress has shown no leadership on this important issue, whether on mental health or taking on common-sense reforms. Gianforte is content to collect gun lobby cash while Congress does nothing to protect our children.
  • Congressman Gianforte continues to make this election about fear, insinuating that Kathleen will take away guns that we all use for self defense and hunting.
  • The bottom line? Kathleen Williams won’t take away anyone’s guns. She has her own.

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Gianforte’s Lies on Immigration

CLAIM:Kathleen Williams is weak on immigration
FACT:Kathleen supports ICE and stronger border security

Deploying more lies in his desperate attempt to hold on to power, Congressman Gianforte falsely claims that Kathleen Williams supports abolishing ICE and favors sanctuary cities. Here are the facts:

Kathleen Williams supports our law enforcement, including ICE and CBP

The Billings Gazette said this:

“In appearances on conservative talk radio shows, Williams this week told listeners that she doesn’t support abolishing ICE. She also said she supports strategic barricades to stop illegal immigration along the border with Mexico, but not a continuous wall from coast to coast, which she described as expensive and impractical.”

Kathleen Williams doesn’t support sanctuary cities

Gianforte accuses Kathleen of “voting for sanctuary cities.” The truth? There are no sanctuary cities in Montana. H.B. 492 was a meaningless symbolic vote to shut down non-existent sanctuary cities. In fact, Governor Schweitzer vetoed the legislation, because it “concern[s] itself with frivolous matters” and “[remedies] problems that do not exist.”

The long and short of it is simple. Kathleen comes from a military family. She knows that ensuring the safety and security of all Montanans is a top priority. Anyone who commits a violent crime should go to jail. Period.

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