Gianforte’s Lying on Guns

CLAIM:Kathleen Williams will take guns away from law-abiding citizens
FACT:Kathleen is a gun owner, hunter, and defender of the Second Amendment

“Kathleen Williams has never said she’d take away people’s right to defend themselves. She’s a hunter herself, long-time hunter. (…) she’s never said she would take away people’s right to hunt (…) [it’s] certainly not true that Williams wants to take people’s gun rights away.”

That’s Montana Public Radio commenting on Congressman Gianforte’s latest ad, a smear attack straight out of the DC playbook.

Independent analysts say they “don’t think that some of the facts are quite right.”

Here’s the truth:

  • Kathleen’s a proud gun owner and sportswoman. She supports the Second Amendment. And she has the support of Montana sportsmen including the Montana Sportsmen Alliance.
  • We need to keep our children safe from gun massacres. Children deserve to feel safe at school and parents deserve to know their children will be safe at school.
  • Congress has shown no leadership on this important issue, whether on mental health or taking on common-sense reforms. Gianforte is content to collect gun lobby cash while Congress does nothing to protect our children.
  • Congressman Gianforte continues to make this election about fear, insinuating that Kathleen will take away guns that we all use for self defense and hunting.
  • The bottom line? Kathleen Williams won’t take away anyone’s guns. She has her own.