Gianforte’s Lies on Immigration

CLAIM:Kathleen Williams is weak on immigration
FACT:Kathleen supports ICE and stronger border security

Deploying more lies in his desperate attempt to hold on to power, Congressman Gianforte falsely claims that Kathleen Williams supports abolishing ICE and favors sanctuary cities. Here are the facts:

Kathleen Williams supports our law enforcement, including ICE and CBP

The Billings Gazette said this:

“In appearances on conservative talk radio shows, Williams this week told listeners that she doesn’t support abolishing ICE. She also said she supports strategic barricades to stop illegal immigration along the border with Mexico, but not a continuous wall from coast to coast, which she described as expensive and impractical.”

Kathleen Williams doesn’t support sanctuary cities

Gianforte accuses Kathleen of “voting for sanctuary cities.” The truth? There are no sanctuary cities in Montana. H.B. 492 was a meaningless symbolic vote to shut down non-existent sanctuary cities. In fact, Governor Schweitzer vetoed the legislation, because it “concern[s] itself with frivolous matters” and “[remedies] problems that do not exist.”

The long and short of it is simple. Kathleen comes from a military family. She knows that ensuring the safety and security of all Montanans is a top priority. Anyone who commits a violent crime should go to jail. Period.