BROKEN RECORD: Gianforte keeps screaming “Pelosi!”

CLAIM:Kathleen will "stand with" Nancy Pelosi
FACT:Kathleen won't support Nancy Pelosi for Leader

Over and over again, Congressman Gianforte runs ads tying Kathleen to Nancy Pelosi. This is a tactic right out of the cynical Washington playbook, so it’s not surprising that the Congressman is using it; he has no real issues or record of accomplishment to run on.

On July 18th, Kathleen announced she would not be supporting Nancy Pelosi for leader.

Endorsing Kathleen over Gianforte, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle called her “the moderate Montana needs.”

Congressman Gianforte can pretend to ignore this as long as he wants, but the truth won’t change. It is telling how little he respects the intelligence of Montana voters.