Kathleen Williams For Montana Raises Over $2.3 Million in Third Quarter of 2020

BOZEMAN, MT — Kathleen Williams for Montana raised more than $2.3 million in the third quarter of 2020. That brings this cycle’s total to over $4.7 million in Kathleen’s campaign for the U.S. House.

“Montanans continue to rally around Kathleen because they know that unlike Matt Rosendale, she’ll go to Congress and be a true, independent voice for them – not special interests,” said Jeff Allen, campaign manager for Kathleen Williams for Montana. “Between public polling and this quarter’s report, momentum is clearly on our side as we head into the final stretch of this campaign.”

Kathleen has now surpassed her 2018 cycle fundraising totals and has been advertising on the airwaves for two months. She also does not take corporate PAC money. Recent polling shows a tight race, with Kathleen gaining ground on or pulling ahead of dark-money darling Matt Rosendale, despite millions of dollars in outside spending misrepresenting Kathleen’s record.

Kathleen Williams has been called the “candidate Montana has been waiting for.” A three-term legislator with a nearly four-decade career solving tough issues and getting results, she is true to Montana—hard-working, independent, and honest. In Congress, she’ll stand up to special interests and partisan gridlock, and work just as hard for Montanans as they do every day.