Kathleen Williams Is The Healthcare Champion Montana Families Need

BOZEMAN, MT — BOZEMAN, MT – The rising number of COVID-19 cases in Montana have clearly highlighted the need for access to quality affordable healthcare. Kathleen Williams, candidate for Montana’s lone US House seat, is a proven healthcare champion.

“I’ve been a caregiver, so I know what a healthcare crisis can do to a family,” said Kathleen. “Now there are crises happening all around us, and we need a representative in Congress who is going to put solutions for people before politics and ensure every Montanan has access to quality, affordable healthcare. It is way past time we fix this patchwork of a healthcare system we have, and I look forward to getting it done.”

In Congress Kathleen will continue her commitment to expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare. That is why Kathleen worked with both parties to pass bipartisan Medicaid expansion and will continue to work to protect those in need including Montanans with preexisting conditions. 

Kathleen has always been a champion for health care for Montanans and her platform includes:

  • Allowing Americans 55 and older to buy into Medicare
  • Protecting key provisions of the ACA like coverage for pre-existing conditions and helping more Americans get the coverage they need
  • Allowing Medicare to bargain for prescription drug prices just like the VA and Medicaid, while saving $11 billion.

As a state legislator Kathleen voted for bipartisan legislation expanding Medicaid. She stopped insurance companies from denying treatment to cancer patients, worked to eliminate “surprise” medical bills and address discrimination in the health insurance market, and has been a fierce advocate for protecting and improving Montana’s healthcare. Kathleen Williams is the best candidate to get Montanans the care they need.

Kathleen Williams has been called the “candidate Montana has been waiting for.” A three-term legislator with a nearly four-decade career solving tough issues and getting results, she is true to Montana—hard-working, independent, and honest. In Congress, she’ll stand up to special interests and partisan gridlock, and work just as hard for Montanans as they do every day.