Kathleen Williams: Montana Products Are The Best Products In the World and Our Produces Deserve To Be Rewarded

BOZEMAN, MT — Last night, as part of her weekly “Wednesdays with Williams” online discussion, Kathleen Williams, candidate for Montana’s lone U.S. House seat, spoke with Jess Peterson, an agricultural policy expert, about the agricultural sector and the barriers Montana’s producers are facing. She also took questions from a Facebook Live audience.

“Montana products are the best products in the world and our producers deserve to be rewarded for that,” Kathleen said. “For too long, they’ve been getting a raw deal, and in Congress I’ll fight for country of origin labeling, stand up to meat packing monopolies, and work to expand Montana’s options for local beef processing.”Text

“Kathleen, I just want to say thank you so much. You approach everything not with a Democrat solution or Republican solution, but a Montana solution,” Jess said. “You have done so much for problem solving both in the state legislature and you’re tackling these issues, so thank you.”


Check out my conversation with Jess Peterson on Montana’s beef producers

Posted by Kathleen Williams on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Kathleen has a deep commitment to rural Montana. She worked with farmers and ranchers to resolve water right issues, help diversify their incomes, and was a strong advocate for the vital agriculture sector during her time in the Montana legislature.

Kathleen is the candidate in Montana’s House race who will stand up for Montana ranchers and farmers to ensure they can continue producing the best products in the world. In congress Kathleen will:

  • Continue to work to help farmers and ranchers diversify their incomes to stay on their land.
  • Reclaim Congress’ seat at the table when it comes to tariff and trade negotiations.
  • Ensure the Farm Bill is getting the job done for Montana.

Kathleen Williams has been called the “candidate Montana has been waiting for.” A three-term legislator with a nearly four-decade career solving tough issues and getting results, she is true to Montana—hard-working, independent, and honest. In Congress, she’ll stand up to special interests and partisan gridlock, and work just as hard for Montanans as they do every day.