Kathleen Williams (MT-AL) Raises Over $365,000 in Q4 Bringing Total To Nearly $1.2 Million in 2019

Kathleen’s Campaign Enters 2020 With Over $800,000 In the Bank

BOZEMAN, MT — Kathleen Williams’ campaign for Montana’s at-large congressional district announced today that it raised over $365,000 during the fourth quarter of 2019. This haul brings Kathleen’s total raised to nearly $1.2 million during 2019, and her campaign has over $800,000 on hand.

“Across Montana, people have had enough of the divisive, party-line extremist politics we see in Washington,” said Kathleen. “Montanans of all political stripes are making their voices heard, and together, we’re going to ensure that Montana has an independent voice in Congress focused on real results, not serving special interests.”

“Kathleen is the proven, hard-working, independent voice Montana deserves in Congress,” said Jeff Allen, campaign manager for Kathleen Williams for Montana. “This campaign is funded by thousands of Montanans, not big DC special interests. They know Kathleen is focused on fixing the problems they encounter every day – high healthcare costs, a lack of opportunity, and threats to Montana’s outdoor heritage. We’re in a clear position to win in November.”

This cycle, 78% of Kathleen’s contributions have come from Montanans and 89% of contributions have been for $100 or less. There have been over 11,000 individual contributions to the campaign.

Kathleen Williams has been called the “candidate Montana has been waiting for.” A three-term legislator with a 36-year career solving tough issues and getting results, she is a proven champion true to Montana—hard-working, independent, and honest. In Congress, she’ll stand up to special interests and partisan gridlock, and work just as hard for Montanans as they do every day.