The Choice For Montanans In The US House Race Will Be Clear

BOZEMAN, MT – Kathleen Williams for Montana released the following statements after tonight’s primary election for Montana’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives:

“Montanans deserve true representation in our lone seat in Congress, instead of perpetual politicians who parrot party talking points. I’m an independent thinker who works with people of all political stripes to put Montanans first. Growing up with my Lt. Colonel father taught me to be focused, disciplined, and a hard-worker. I’m going to take those values to Congress to recover and grow Montana’s economy, fix our patchwork of a healthcare system, and protect Montana’s outdoor heritage. This is about leadership, service, and solutions, not partisanship,” said Kathleen Williams, candidate for Congress.

“Multimillionaire developer Maryland Matt Rosendale is out of touch with the lives of everyday Montanans and deep in the pockets of Washington special interests. Maryland Matt has shown he’ll put his campaign donors before the well being of Montanans, and is a clear threat to our healthcare, agricultural community and public lands. The bottom line is Maryland Matt just doesn’t get it and should not be Montana’s lone voice in Congress,” said Jeff Allen, campaign manager for Kathleen Williams for Montana.