Politicians everywhere talk about addressing political corruption. The difference is that Kathleen has actually done it. Washington is full of too many lobbyists, professional politicians, and special interests who make it even harder to get things done.

Montana has led the way on transparency in campaign spending, as well as keeping contribution limits low so no donor has too much sway or access. Even when some Democrats wanted to raise campaign contribution limits, Kathleen argued for keeping them low and won. She supported Montana’s DISCLOSE Act, one of the strongest transparency laws in the nation. 

Kathleen doesn't take a dime of corporate PAC money. Reforming our broken campaign finance system will be a top priority for her in Congress. She leads by example and never forgets who she’ll work for -- you.

As your Congresswoman, Kathleen will fight to:

  • Advance campaign finance reform so everyday Montanans have their voices heard. In 2018, Kathleen signed a letter outlining needed changes in campaign, ethics, and voting laws, and we need to get these concepts enacted.
  • Advance the constitutional amendment to reverse the devastating Citizens United decision that opened the floodgates on dark money in our elections.
  • Protect voting rights for all Americans. As a state legislator, Kathleen has seen efforts to make it more difficult for people to vote, including untrue assertions of fraud. Voting is our right to participate in our democracy, and we must protect that opportunity, not restrict it.
  • Ban secretive groups that spend unlimited sums in elections and make it increasingly difficult for normal people to run for office, all while getting a tax break.
  • Promote transparency in political ads and phone calls. If they’re popping up on your computer screen or making your phone ring off the hook, you should know who paid for them.