A critical gateway to opportunity is a strong public education system. Kathleen is proud to be the product of public schools: K-12 and degrees from two land grant universities. Although much of education policy and funding is determined at the local and state levels, the federal government has an important role to play.

In the legislature, Kathleen made sure that public dollars went to public schools so every Montanan could get the education they need to succeed. She supported policies that help Montana recruit excellent teachers and advance school safety. Our kids are the world’s future, and they deserve the best.

As your Congresswoman, Kathleen will fight to:

  • Ensure that Montanans across the state have access to broad education opportunities which are the gateway to opportunity throughout life - pre-K-12, an affordable, world-class college or trade school, and options for life-long learning. 
  • Finally fulfill Congress’ 1975 commitment to funding 40% of special education needs; it currently only funds about 14%, and last year Montana received it’s minimum possible funding amount. Fulfilling this commitment would allow Montana school districts to reallocate critical dollars to priority areas.
  • Ensure our students are protected from predatory student loans and for-profit colleges that will even prey on our veterans’ GI Bill benefits.
  • Make sure there are options for students for whom the traditional 4-year college path isn’t the best fit. We must embrace opportunities for change and improvement in post high-school education. Examples include dual-credit programs in high school, vocational opportunities, two-year colleges, and trade apprenticeships.