Opinion: Williams has best resume for House

Only in politics do job applicants claim they are best suited for the job because they have little experience. Williams clearly has the best resume. She was elected to the Montana legislature three times and was vice-chair of the Taxation and Agriculture committees in the Montana House of Representatives. She has done the hard work of legislating.

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Opinion: Williams shows legislative experience

Williams alone among the candidates has experience in the legislative process, and it showed. While the other candidates — none of whom has served in a legislative body — boasted about their plans (and John Heenan highlighted his love of the fight without explaining how that is going to help anything), only Williams has actually gotten it done.

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Opinion: Williams can hit ground running to serve Montana

The stakes are too high today to select someone who will need to learn on the job. With Kathleen’s experience, knowledge of critical issues and strong work ethic, she can hit the ground running on behalf of all Montanans and the betterment of our state.

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Opinion: Williams is only Dem candidate with experience

The stakes are too high today to select someone who will need to learn on the job. With Kathleen Williams’s experience, knowledge of critical issues and strong work ethic, she can hit the ground running on behalf of all Montanans and the betterment of our state.

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Democratic House candidates differ on health care plans

In what’s boiling down to a three-way race in which Montanans will begin voting this week, Heenan, Kier and Williams have the campaign funds necessary for advertising and paid staff. All three have ads up heading into the second week of May. Absentee ballots are being mailed to voters Friday.

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Opinion: Williams can win moderate voters

In order to defeat Gianforte, our Democratic candidate will need to attract those moderate-conservative voters who supported both Donald Trump and Gov. Steve Bullock in the last general election. Kathleen Williams can do that!

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Dems make pitch for electability at U.S. House primary debate

Williams often touted her electoral experience and compared herself to Montana’s two top statewide Democrats, Gov. Steve Bullock and U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, whom she called moderates that can work with Republicans to get things done.

“I think we need someone who’s both a fighter, but also a fixer that has a record of finding long-term solutions to thorny issues,” she said.

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Few Fireworks in Montana Democrats’ Columbia Falls Forum

Kathleen Williams is now the only woman in the race after Billings attorney Lynda Moss dropped out in mid-April. She’s also the only candidate with legislative experience, having served three terms as a state representative from Bozeman.

“I’ll say that being a policy-maker, there is no training like it,” Williams said. “When you are in a hyper-partisan, divisive, minority, inexperienced legislature, that’s perfect training for Congress.”

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Kathleen Williams releases first TV ad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, April 26, 2018 Contact: Andrew Markoff, (917) 751-5248, andrew@kathleenformontana.com Kathleen Williams releases first TV ad, “Caregiver” BOZEMAN—The Williams for Montana campaign has released its first TV ad: “Caregiver.” The advertisement will run as part of a major television campaign across Montana in advance of absentee voting in the Democratic primary. Watch ‘Caregiver’ now ‘Caregiver’ explains why …

Candidate listens to area concerns

“I’m the only one who has served in an elected office and has passed legislation,” Williams said of the Democratic field. “It’s time that we put people over party and policy over politics.”

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Kathleen Williams Campaign Launches Montana Opportunity Tour

I’m launching the Opportunity Tour because rural Montana faces unique challenges. While cities like Bozeman grow, our small towns struggle. This November, we need to elect to Congress a woman who will deal comprehensively with the issues facing rural Montana. We need to support our farmers, ranchers, and their communities.

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‘Campaign Beat:’ Dems Divided On Health Care; Changing Gun Control Positions; Why Money Matters

Williams makes kind of the argument that the other group has. And that is like OK maybe they’d be nice in theory but it’s totally impractical given the political influence of the insurance lobby, pharmaceutical lobby, doctors groups and so on. And so the only politically viable route to reform is through these incremental steps.

And you know if you look at it historically, it has been this more pragmatic incremental approach that’s carried the day. Medicare, when it was passed, it was for those 65 and older, and not because that was the only demographic that reformers cared about, but because it was seen as a demographic that was worthy of assistance by most Americans, and so therefore it was an easier political lift. They recognize there is no way that they’re going to get social insurance for everyone but the original idea with Medicare was still to use it as a foothold to expand it to other groups over time.

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