Kathleen Williams for Montana

A True, Independent Voice For Montana

Kathleen Williams is running for Congress so that everyday Montanans have someone to stand up for them.


Fixing our broken healthcare system is one of Kathleen’s top priorities. She developed a detailed plan to get all citizens affordable, quality care. She will protect Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, which so many Montanans depend on.


Kathleen will help Montana’s economy by working to bring better jobs to Montana and helping farmers and ranchers stay on their land. In the State Legislature, she helped Montana recover from the recession and passed bills that created hundreds of new small businesses and thousands of new Montana products.


Kathleen will also protect Montana’s outdoor heritage. She will keep public lands public, fight for clean air and water, and work to ensure a bright future for all Montanans. 

Kathleen Williams served three terms in the State Legislature passing legislation with people of all political stripes to help Montanans. In Congress, she will fight for the issues that matter to our state. No grandstanding, just results.