Kathleen Williams for Montana

A fighter for Montana

Kathleen Williams is running so that ordinary Montanans have someone to stand up for them.


Fixing our broken healthcare system is Kathleen’s top priority. She developed a detailed plan to give all citizens affordable, quality care. She will protect Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, which so many Montanans depend on.


Kathleen will help Montana’s economy by bringing in more high-paying jobs and helping farmers and ranchers stay on their land. In the State Legislature, she helped Montana recover from the recession and passed bills that created hundreds of new small businesses.


Kathleen will also preserve Montana’s outdoor heritage. She will keep public lands open to all, and fight for environmental protections to keep Montana beautiful for future generations. 

Not sure who to vote for on Tuesday?

Call us directly: we'll answer your questions about Kathleen and her positions. (406) 578-1312

Kathleen Williams served three terms in the State Legislature passing legislation with people of all political stripes to help Montanans. In the U.S. House of Representatives, she will fight for the issues that matter to our state. No grandstanding, just results.


What people are saying

Kathleen has gotten endorsements from Montana's major newspapers and many organizations. In addition, over 250 private citizens have written letters to the editor supporting Kathleen. Read a sample of them below:

·         Longtime Republican makes pitch for voting Williams,” Bozeman Daily Chronicle, October 24, 2018

·         Former Montana Director of Agriculture: “Tester, Williams intuitive to Montana values,” Helena Independent Record, October 24, 2018

·         Williams not afraid of Montanans,” The Billings Gazette, October 21, 2018

·         Sportsmen endorse Williams for Congress,” The Missoulian, October 11, 2018

·         Williams defends right to own guns,” The Missoulian, October 11, 2018

·         Kathleen Williams has gumption,” The Billings Gazette, Oct 10, 2018

·         Montana needs Williams' leadership,” The Billings Gazette, Oct 5, 2018

·         Williams’ demeanor will serve state, Congress well,” The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Oct 5, 2018

·         Tester, Williams will serve more than the wealthy,” The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Oct 3, 2018

·         Williams and Tester unlike those without a clue,” The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Sept 29, 2018

·         Williams holds Montana values,” The Helena Independent Record, Sept 26, 2018

·         Williams will be champion for regular Montanans,” The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Sept 26, 2018

·         Kathleen Williams was born to win,” The Helena Independent Record, Sept 12, 2018

·         Gianforte gets Williams positions wrong in TV ads,” The Missoulian, September 11, 2018

·         Replace Gianforte in November,” The Billings Gazette, Aug 20, 2018 


Meet Kathleen as she travels across Montana

Kathleen has spent the past year on the road listening to the hopes and dreams of Montanans on their farms and ranches and in their towns. Find her at an upcoming event below, or watch her video to hear about the tour