"The biggest thing we lost in the last election wasn’t the White House – it was our dignity. The only way to regain it is by electing people who embody it. Kathleen Williams is walking talking dignity. She has proven it during her legislative service and her thoughtful and inclusive approach to advocacy. When I envision her being the face of Montana in the US Congress I know I’ll be out knocking on doors one more time." --- Dorothy Bradley


The National Organization for Women PAC

"NOW PAC is thrilled to endorse Kathleen Williams, who has a strong record of standing up for women’s rights in Montana. We can’t wait for her to bring her expertise to Washington, where it is dearly needed." [read more]

International Association of Sheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART)

"Kathleen is the only candidate in the race with a strong record of fighting for organized labor. In Congress, she will continue fighting for working Montanans, creating opportunity for all through fair wages, a good education, and collective bargaining." [read more]

Population Connection Action Fund

"She has been a champion for gender equity, women’s opportunity and reproductive freedom. She will be a strong voice for these same things in Congress and she offers the best opportunity to defeat the incumbent, Greg Gianforte." [read more]

American Women's Party

"Kathleen Williams is an accomplished fighter on women’s rights and non-discrimination. Since Jeanette Rankin was elected as the first Congresswoman in American history, 101 years ago, no other woman has been elected to Congress from Montana. Kathleen Williams is the right candidate to become Rankin’s long-overdue successor." [read more]

LEAP Forward

"LEAP Forward is happy to endorse Kathleen Williams for Montana, in the June 5 primary for MT-AL." [read more]


John Vincent
Gallatin Gateway, MT
Former Majority Whip, Majority Leader, 2-term Speaker of the House, and Minority Leader, Montana House Of Representatives.
Former City Commissioner and Mayor of Bozeman.
Former Chairman of the Gallatin County Commission.
Former Commissioner, Montana Public Service Commission.

Chuck Hunter
Helena, MT
Former Representative, Minority Whip, and Minority Leader, Montana House of Representatives.

Dorothy Bradley
Clyde Park, MT
Youngest woman to serve in the Montana House of Representatives.
Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress; Democratic Candidate for Governor of Montana.

Christine Kaufmann & Pat Kemp
Helena, MT
Former Director, Montana Human Rights Network.
Former Senator and Representative, Montana State Legislature.
First openly gay Montana state Senator.

Jane Jelinski
Bozeman, MT
Founder and Former Executive Director, Gallatin Advocacy Program for Developmentally Disabled Adults.
Former Commissioner, Gallatin County Commission.
Former President, Montana Association of Counties.

Dave Wanzenried
Billings, MT
Former 16-year Senator and Representative, Montana State Legislature.

Glenn Close
Bozeman, MT
Six-time Academy Award-nominated Actress.

Carlie Boland
Great Falls, MT
MT Senator, SD 12.

Ron Waterman
Helena, MT
Attorney (retired).
Chair, National Crittenton Foundation.

Virginia Court & Jim Court
Billings, MT
MT Representative, HD 50.

Joe Perry
Brady, MT
Founding member, Montana Sportsmen Alliance.
Founding member, Sun River Wildlife Team.
Board member, Montana Wildlife Federation.
Chair, Governor's Private Land Public Wildlife Council.

Mary Caferro
Helena, MT
MT Senator, SD 40.
Executive Director, Working for Equality and Economic Liberation.

Ambassador Brooke Anderson
Bozeman, MT
Retired Ambassador to the United Nations.
Former Deputy Assistant to President Barack Obama.
Former Chief of Staff and Counselor for the White House National Security Council.

Bob Raney
Livingston, MT
Former Commissioner, Montana Public Service Commission.
Former Representative, Montana House of Representatives.
1st Lieutenant, United States Army Transportation Corp, Vietnam.

Brianne Rogers Dugan
Bozeman, MT
Former State Director, U.S. Senator Max Baucus.
Former Montana Chief of Staff, U.S. Senator John Walsh.
Founder and President, Bird Dog Strategies, LLC.

Jean Price
Great Falls, MT
MT Representative, HD 24.

Zach Brown
Bozeman, MT
MT Representative, HD 63.

Chris Pope
Bozeman, MT
Former Representative, Montana House of Representatives.
Owner/Founder, Great Rocky Mountain Toy Company.

Mike Phillips
Bozeman, MT
MT Senator, SD 31.

Gary J. Wolfe, Ph.D.
Missoula, MT
Former Commissioner, Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission.
Former President/CEO, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Trudi Schmidt
Great Falls, MT
Former Montana State Senator.

Ed Lieser
Whitefish, MT
Former Representative, Montana House of Representatives.

Pat Flowers & Melissa Blessing
Bozeman, MT
Former Region 3 Supervisor, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.
Former Forest Management Bureau Chief, Montana DNRC, Forestry Division.

Hal Harper
Helena, MT
Former Speaker of the Montana House of Representatives.
Former chief policy advisor to Governor Brian Schweitzer.

Dirk Adams
Wilsall, MT
Democratic Candidate for the U.S. Senate, 2014.
Owner and Rancher, Lazy SR Ranch.
Former professor of business law, University of Montana at Montana State University.

Franke Wilmer, Ph.D.
Bozeman, MT
Former Representative, Montana House of Representatives
Professor of political science, Montana State University.
Former Chair, Montana Human Rights Commission.

Joanne Gardner (Lowell)
Livingston, MT
Event producer, Livingston Hoot.
Former SRVP of Video Production, Sony Music.

Vito Quatraro
Bozeman, MT
Founding member, Montana Sportsmen Alliance.

Bill Lombardi
Helena, MT
Former state director for Senator Jon Tester.
Former communications director for Senator Max Baucus.

Jan Lombardi
Helena, MT
Founder, JML Strategy.
Former education policy advisor & Director of the Governor's Office of Community Service for Governor Brian Schweitzer.

Carl Borgquist
Bozeman, MT
President and CEO, Absaroka Energy LLC.

Geoff Badenoch
Missoula, MT
Former Executive Director, Missoula Redevelopment Agency.

Eva Patten
Big Sky, MT
Owner and Rancher, Black Butte Ranch.
Former Chair, Board of Directors, Gallatin Valley Land Trust; Former Member, Montana Outdoor Science School Board.

Edie McClafferty
Butte, MT
MT Senator, SD 38.

Jim Posewitz
Jefferson County, MT
Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Employee (retired).

Gayle Joslin
Jefferson County, MT
Former Wildlife Biologist, State of Montana.
Former Grizzly Bear protection specialist, University of Montana.

Mary Ann Dunwell
Helena, MT
MT Representative, HD 84.

Kathy Milodragovich
Butte, MT
Retired Teacher, Montana CSPD

Sam Milodragovich
Butte, MT
Montana Sportsmen Alliance

Sue MacGrath
Bozeman, MT
Former Trustee, Bozeman Public Schools.

Gene Vuckovich
Anaconda, MT
MT Senator, SD 43.

Jim Hamilton
Bozeman, MT
MT Representative, HD 61.
Bob Hawks & Jane Hawks
Bozeman, MT
Former Senator, Montana Senate.
Former Mayor of Bozeman.

Kim Gillan
Billings, MT
Former Senate Minority Whip.
Former Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress.

Duncan Patten
Big Sky, MT
Owner and Rancher, Black Butte Ranch.
Former Director & Ecologist, Montana Water Center, Montana State University.
Former member of the EPA Science Advisory Board

Becky Weed
Belgrade, MT
Owner and Rancher, Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Company, Featured in Time Magazine’s 2000 series, “Heroes for the Planet.”
Member, Advisory Board, Wild Farm Alliance.
Former Member, Montana Board of Livestock.

Jan Strout
Bozeman, MT
President, Montana National Organization of Women.
Co-leader, City of Bozeman Equal Pay for Equal Work Resolution.
MSU Instructor, College of Letters and Science; CLS Faculty Fellow in Engaged Leadership

Jim Wilson
Cameron, MT
Oscar-winning film producer: Dances with Wolves.

Jack Jelinski
Bozeman, MT
Professor Emeritus of Spanish, Montana State University.
1997 Recipient, Excellence Award for Superior Teaching, MT Association of Language Teachers.

Dave White
Bozeman, MT
Former Chief, Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Nancy Demoro Sunsaver
Fort Peck, MT
Former county public nurse.
Member, Enterprise Community Board.

Mike Clark
Bozeman, MT
Board Member, Mountain Journal.
Former executive director, Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

Barb Rusmore
Bozeman, MT
Founder, Rusmore & Associates.
Founder, Montana Land Reliance.

Joan Melcher
Missoula, MT
Author & journalist.

Betsy Gaines Quammen
Bozeman, MT
Founder, The Tributary Fund.

David Quammen
Bozeman, MT

Wendy Tage
Bozeman, MT
Member & Former Chair, Bozeman School Board.

Paul (“Buddy”) Sunsaver
Fort Peck, MT
Enrolled member of the Fort Peck Tribe.

Bill Stoddart
Bozeman, MT
President and founder, NorthFork Financial.

Dorothy Filson
Belgrade, MT
Former Child Protection Services Supervisor, Gallatin County.
Former Board Member: Gallatin Co. Mental Health Center, Bozeman Shelter Care, Career Transitions, Bridger Clinic.

Dick Forehand
Red Lodge, MT
Owner, Base Camp Images.

Maddy Pope
Bozeman, MT
Director of National Outreach, The Trust for Public Land.

Jack Hensold, MD
Bozeman, MT
Medical Oncologist/Hematologist, Bozeman Health.
Former President, Montana State Oncology Society.
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Washington.

Jan Tusick
Polson, MT
Center Director, Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center, Lake County Community Development Corporation.

Lori Lawson
Bozeman, MT
Award-winning Professor, Montana State University - College of Business & Entrepreneurship, Honors Program, Liberal Studies.

Mary McNally
Billings, MT
MT Senator, SD 24.

Jennifer Lowe-Anker
Bozeman, MT
Author, artist.
Founder, Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation.

Conrad Anker
Bozeman, MT
Rock climber, mountaineer, and author.

Denise Ingman
Helena, MT
Program manager for tuberculosis, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Gary Ingman
Helena, MT
Senior Water Resources Scientist, Atkins North America.
Former Water Resources Scientist, Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

Linda Phillips
Bozeman, MT
Research Scientist, Ecology Department, Montana State University.
Board member, Bozeman Public Library.

Doug Coffin, Ph.D.
Missoula, MT
Professor of Molecular Genetics, Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences, University of Montana.

Jen Boyer
Bozeman, MT
Owner and Farmer, Farm 51.
Former Director, Future West.
Former Co-Chair, Montana Watershed Coordination Council.

Chris Boyer
Bozeman, MT
Owner and Farmer, Farm 51.
Owner and Award-winning conservation photographer, Kestrel Aerial Services.
LightHawk volunteer pilot.

Heidi Kendall
Missoula, MT
Trustee, Missoula County Public Schools.
Former Member, Missoula City Council.
Missoula Suicide Prevention Specialist.

Heidi Robison
Bozeman, MT
English teacher, Bozeman High School.

Amber Jean
Livingston, MT
Artist, woodworker.

Beth Kaeding
Bozeman, MT
Former Chair and Secretary, Board of Directors, Northern Plains Resource Council.

Lynn Kaeding
Bozeman, MT
Former Supervisory Fisheries Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Tom France
Missoula, MT
Regional Executive Director of the Northern Rockies, Prairies, and Pacific Regional Center, National Wildlife Federation

Raymond Ansotegui
Livingston, MT
Former professor of animal science, Montana State University.

Ann Schwend
Twin Bridges, MT
Water Planner, Montana Department of Natural Resources.

Jerrold Johnson, M.D.
Bozeman, MT
Former Whitefish VA physician.
WAMMI program instructor.
Former volunteer at Community Health Partners, Bozeman.

Anne Banks
Bozeman, MT
Montana Native Plant Society.

Sheila Rice
Great Falls, MT
Former Representative, Montana House of Representatives.

"For those who are looking for a leader, Kathleen Williams is it. She's a unique blend of intelligence, grace, grit and tenacity, qualities in short supply in Washington, D.C." --- Dave Wanzenried