Montana newspapers

Ask Kathleen Williams a question and she will answer it. Her straightforward, thoughtful responses are refreshingly free of trite soundbites we heard from her opponent... Kathleen Williams will bring an even temper, analytical mind, and thick skin to the U.S. House. She would be a strong voice for civility, bipartisanship and moderation. Combine that with her extensive knowledge of how to make government agencies work for average citizens, and Williams is an excellent choice.

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Williams has a long record of working in the Montana Legislature, both as a staff member and as three-term representative from Bozeman. During that time, she demonstrated a willingness to work with legislators from both parties to find common ground on important issues... The majority of Montanans don't place themselves on the fringes of the political spectrum. Our lone representative to Congress should reflect that. 

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"The biggest thing we lost in the last election wasn’t the White House – it was our dignity. The only way to regain it is by electing people who embody it. Kathleen Williams is walking talking dignity. She has proven it during her legislative service and her thoughtful and inclusive approach to advocacy. When I envision her being the face of Montana in the US Congress I know I’ll be out knocking on doors one more time." --- Dorothy Bradley


EMILY's List

"Kathleen Williams is an experienced leader and fighter on behalf of Montana’s working families." [read more]

League of Conservation Voters & Montana Conservation Voters

"Kathleen will be a champion for conservation issues in Congress and will stand up for our Montana values of clean air, clear water, and protecting public lands." [read more]

Montana AFL-CIO
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers
American Federation of
Government Employees

Montana Carpenters Local 82
(Great Falls)
Montana State Council of
Professional Fire Fighters

The National Organization for Women PAC

"NOW PAC is thrilled to endorse Kathleen Williams, who has a strong record of standing up for women’s rights in Montana. We can’t wait for her to bring her expertise to Washington, where it is dearly needed." [read more]

International Association of Sheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART)

"Kathleen is the only candidate in the race with a strong record of fighting for organized labor. In Congress, she will continue fighting for working Montanans, creating opportunity for all through fair wages, a good education, and collective bargaining." [read more]

Population Connection Action Fund

"She has been a champion for gender equity, women’s opportunity and reproductive freedom. She will be a strong voice for these same things in Congress and she offers the best opportunity to defeat the incumbent, Greg Gianforte." [read more]

American Women's Party

"Kathleen Williams is an accomplished fighter on women’s rights and non-discrimination. Since Jeanette Rankin was elected as the first Congresswoman in American history, 101 years ago, no other woman has been elected to Congress from Montana. Kathleen Williams is the right candidate to become Rankin’s long-overdue successor." [read more]

LEAP Forward

"LEAP Forward is happy to endorse Kathleen Williams for Montana, in the June 5 primary for MT-AL." [read more]

Letters to the editor

A sample of the 130+ letters that Montana voters have written to local Montana papers in support of Kathleen Williams:

·         Sportsmen endorse Williams for Congress,” The Missoulian, October 11, 2018

·         Williams defends right to own guns,” The Missoulian, October 11, 2018

·         Kathleen Williams has gumption,” The Billings Gazette, Oct 10, 2018

·         Montana needs Williams' leadership,” The Billings Gazette, Oct 5, 2018

·         Williams’ demeanor will serve state, Congress well,” The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Oct 5, 2018

·         Tester, Williams will serve more than the wealthy,” The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Oct 3, 2018

·         Williams and Tester unlike those without a clue,” The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Sept 29, 2018

·         Williams holds Montana values,” The Helena Independent Record, Sept 26, 2018

·         Williams will be champion for regular Montanans,” The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Sept 26, 2018

·         Kathleen Williams was born to win,” The Helena Independent Record, Sept 12, 2018

·         Gianforte gets Williams positions wrong in TV ads,” The Missoulian, September 11, 2018

·         Replace Gianforte in November,” The Billings Gazette, Aug 20, 2018 

"For those who are looking for a leader, Kathleen Williams is it. She's a unique blend of intelligence, grace, grit and tenacity, qualities in short supply in Washington, D.C." --- Dave Wanzenried